Real Estate Lawyers – San Francisco

We are lawyers representing property owners, property managers and asset managers in various real estate, land-use and landlord tenant matters throughout the San Francisco Bay Area.

We assist property owners and property managers with all their legal tenancy issues for residential, commercial, condo, rent controlled and free market rental properties.

We represent property owners in commercial and residential leasing, drafting and analysis.

Owning rental properties in the San Francisco Bay Area can be challenging. Any real estate issue can quickly become a complicated legal matter. We help landlords and property owners navigate the complicated laws and regulations that apply to residential and commercial buildings. We have decades of experience protecting and advancing the rights of property owners and property managers.

We are experts in:
• The rent control regulations, rules and nuances for all of the residential rent control systems in place throughout the San Francisco Bay Area, including San Francisco, Berkeley and Oakland.
• Commercial leasing and commercial tenant dispute resolution.
• For-cause, owner-move-in, qualified-relative-move-in evictions.
• Removal of residential rental units from the rental market under the Ellis Act.
• Post-foreclosure evictions.
• General real estate litigation, including Wrongful Eviction defense, Condo and TIC co-owner disputes, Land-use matters, as well as easement, boundary and fence line disputes.